Tours & Attraction

The 30th IAKL Annual Conference

Traditional Tea-makase

$ 55
₩ 55,000

Participants will enjoy various types of tea and traditional sweets while listening to stories about tea.


Bojagi Class

$ 50
₩ 50,000

Participants will make two bags by tying knots and wrap a box with bojagi at a Hanok café.
* You can choose both Tea-makase and Bojagi class together as there is no scheduling conflict and they will take place in nearby locations.


The Cheong Wa Dae


Participants will get a glimpse into the “historical and cultural space spanning past, present, and future” surrounded by majestic mountains and adjacent to the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty. It was the official residence of the President of Korea until May 2022.


Secret Garden in Changdeok Palace

$ 5
₩ 5,000

Participants will partake in a guided tour of the royal secret garden at one of the treasured palaces of Joseon Dynasty in Korea (
liquor -주류

Korean ricewine (Makgeolli) class

$ 65
₩ 65,000

Learn how to make Korean lotus leaf makgeolli and traditional snacks. Lotus leaf makgeolli is easy to ferment and has a sweet and soft flavor. The leaves are used in oriental medicine to purify the blood and to quench the thirst.

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