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The 30th IAKL Annual Conference

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Corporate / M&A
(Friday 10:30-12:00) Room 1 (20206)

Market trends in cross-border M&A taking into account FDI regulations

▌ This panel discussion brings together M&A attorneys from across the globe to share current trends shaping cross-border M&A and delve into the strategies required to navigate this dynamic landscape. The panel will examine, among others, the regulatory landscape and geopolitical factors, the impact of technological advancements and COVID-19, and market dynamics on cross-border M&A transactions. The panel will also offer valuable insights and strategies for mitigating risks in such transactions.
Sun Yul LEE
Kim & Chang
Seung Hyo (Sam) BAEK
Lee & Ko Intro
Chansik AHNHMP Law Draft Amendment to Industrial Technology Act to Improve National Technology Regulatory System
Sun Yul LEEKim & Chang Strengthened Security Review Process under the FIPA
Min Gon KIMDemarest Advogados M&A in Brazil
Kwang LIMBennett Jones The M&A Landscape in Canada
(Friday 10:30-12:00) Room 2 (20207)

Global trends in crypto-asset regulations

▌ This panel will explore the current trends in crypto-asset regulations across the globe. Panelists, including legal experts from both corporate and private practice backgrounds, will share their insights on how the evolving regulatory landscape has affected their practice, the legal challenges they are navigating, and their predictions for the future of crypto-asset regulation.
Ohoon KWON
Cha & Kwon
Ohoon KWON
Cha & Kwon
Rachel Hiyoung SONFocus Law Asia Digital Token Regulations in Singapore
Moses PARKLiberty Chambers Financial Hub in Asia, HongKong
Habbine Estelle KIMArchè SELAR Crypto Assets in the European Union Legal & Regulatory Overview
Chloe Jung-Myung LEELee & Ko Global trends in crypto-asset regulations - South Korea
Jiwon HAAl Tamimi & Company Crypto Regulation in the UAE
(Friday 10:30-12:00) Room 3 (20209)

The insolvency sword: In-court restructuring as a powerful business tool

▌If you are an attorney that advises companies, you will not want to miss this panel from our restructuring experts who will discuss new and cutting-edge developments being used by major companies around the world to shed their liabilities and effectively reorganize their businesses.
Shirley S. CHO
Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Lones
Shirley S. CHO
Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Lones The Insolvency Sword :
In-Court Restructuring as a Powerful Business Tool
Jung Eun KOKim & Chang
Sukjae HONGBae, Kim & Lee
Jae Ha LEEShin & Kim
Dispute Resolution
(Friday 13:30-15:00) Room 1 (20206)

Defying gravity and catching up with the times

▌Cutting-edge technologies and diversification of complex cross border disputes have paved a new frontline for legal practitioners and institutions. From the creative strategies to preserve enforceability of award or to monetize distressed claims against often-judgment proof counterparties - to reinventing the arbitral institutional role in the age of new technology - this session explores a range of relevant issues that have arisen in international dispute resolution in recent years.
Myung Ahn KIM
Yoon & Yang
Myung Ahn KIM
Yoon & Yang
Robin BAIKKobre & Kim Latest Trends in Cross-border Litigation
Steve KIMKCAB International Arbitration Market Trend and Issues - New World, No Map
Jeonghye Sophie AHNYulchon Should Arbitrators Be Human?
International Trade
(Friday 13:30-15:00) Room 2 (20207)

Recent trend on international trade environment for global businesses
▌In the International Trade Session, panelists will share their experience and thoughts on the recent changes of the environment surrounding international trade that will be helpful to the companies conducting international business, including economic sanctions and export controls. Panelists will also share with the audience the recent developments on the WTO reform.
Sungbum LEE
Yoon & Yang
Sungbum LEE
Yoon & Yang
Se Jin KIMMOTIE New Trade Winds for Int'| Economy, Policy, and Law Surrounding Korea
Seong Joong KIMKim & Chang (De)globalization-challenge and response of Korea
Junghyun PARKLee & Ko Digital Trade Agreements : Korea’s Experience
Hyomin PAKShin & Kim Sanctions as an Essential Tool of Global Trade : Navigating the Impact of U.S. Sanctions on Korean Businesses
(Friday 13:30-15:00) Room 3 (20209)

Compliance issues regarding data privacy

▌Data Regulations (PIPA & GDPR) are designed to ensure the protection of personal data and at the same time to encourage/promote responsible data handling practices by organizations. From Business perspective, the goals of data protection laws are to ensure compliance, build trust with customers, mitigate risks, gain a competitive advantage, facilitate international operations, and foster responsible data-driven innovation.
Jaewoo KWAK
Lee & Ko
Kiyoung NAM
Ernst Young Intro
Sung Jin LEEFinancial Supervisory Service Digital Forensic Readiness for Financial Companies in SouthKorea
Junho LEEBae, Kim & Lee Compliacnce Issues realated to Outbound Data Transfer
Sejung LEEYoon & Yang NCT Export Control in Overseas Disputes
Rieu KIMBarun Law Privacy Law Compliance
(Friday 15:30-17:00) Room 1 (20206)

Recent developments in Korea IP law

▌In this session, the panelists will discuss notable developments in their respective fields. Woo Lyou will present on television formats and remakes, while Jin Son will focus on the U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision on fair use. These topics are expected to ignite an interesting conversation about how copyright applies differently in transactions and litigations. Youngmi Choi and Han Park will discuss recent changes in the KIPO and the USPTO, respectively, providing valuable insights for those interested in IP practice in Korea and the U.S.
Sang Tae JEONG
Kee Jeong KIM
Jin SONYulchon Recent Developments in IP LAW
Woo R. LYOUEA Korea Korean Television Formats (and Remakes)
Han PARKCovington & Burling PTAB Year in Review
(Friday 15:30-17:00) Room 2 (20207)

ESG risk inherent in global supply chain: Recent trend and role of legal practitioner

▌As global ESG-related standards and regulations continue to evolve, demand for ESG work within the supply chain area is rapidly increasing. Corporations, regardless of the size and type, should engage themselves in this change, but it brings unexpected risks alongside. We will be looking into what those risks are and what efforts legal practitioners will need to make for compliance and risk management.
Ji Heon OH
One Law Partners
Ji Heon OH
One Law Partners
Yoonjae JANGShin & Kim ESG Risk Inherent in Global Supply Chain;Recent Trend and Role of Legal Practitioner
Celin Sojin PARKESR This session use only one material.
Gloria LeeRutan & Tucke
Sangoh ParkBarun Law
Reena RYUAtsumi & Sakai
Chang Wook MINJipyong
Family Law
(Friday 15:30-17:00) Room 3 (20209)

Toward a sustainable future, is our child support system enough for nurturing the next generation?

▌With the increase of the single households, divorce rates, and aging population, the scope and meaning of family have become more differentiated and renewed than ever before. In such circumstances, successfully raising the next generation has become a global issue toward a sustainable future. Child support legislation serves as a minimal safety net for raising the next generation, despite the changes in family dynamics and parental roles. The extent of government intervention including the question of whether judicial or administrative measures should take priority is the ongoing concern for legislators and legal experts worldwide. In particular, regarding enforceability of child support orders, welfare-oriented policies such as the national subsidy system, and various punitive measures against child support defaulters, let's examine the key features of different legal systems and the possible best way to nurture the next generation.
Heekyung JUNG
Fulbright Advisory
Hyewon SEOSeoul Family Court Child Support Today and Tomorrow
Seung-Hun LEEDentons Lee Japanese Legal and Administrative Framework on Child Support
Julia LEENOHK3 Legal Child Support in New Zealand
Jinna KANGEnenstein Pham & Glass Child Support In California
Energy / Natural Resources
(Saturday 09:30-11:00) Room 1 (20206)

Energy security and transition

▌Energy security is about having reliable access to energy at a price that is affordable for both individuals and businesses. Energy security is a critical issue that has been on the policy agenda for many years. The recent global energy crisis, which was sparked by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, has brought energy security to the forefront of the political debate in Korea. The sharp rise in energy prices has had a significant impact on the Korea economy, causing economic hardship for households and businesses alike. Many governments have been forced to adjust their policy priorities in response to the energy crisis. Energy transitions offer the potential to build a safer, more sustainable, and affordable energy system. However, there are no guarantees that the transition will be smooth. Traditional security threats remain, and new potential vulnerabilities may emerge. In our session, we will discuss recent government policies for energy security and transitions in Korea, Canada, the European Union, and the United States.
Chung Jin CHUNG
KN Legal
Chung Jin CHUNG
KN Legal
Chinpyo PARKBae, Kim & Lee Overview of the Resources Security Bill
Scott BURTONNorton Rose Fulbright Energy security and transition –US developments and challenges
Hong KIMYulchon Energy Transition In South Korea
Eric Möric KIMParresia Avocats Overview of the New EU Energy Efficiency Directive
Human Rights /
Pro bono
(Saturday 09:30-11:00)Room 2 (20207)

International adoption and the rights of adoptees: From the right to identity to the right to a nationality

▌ As a country which sent the most adoptees overseas, approximately 1/3 of all international adoptees around the world, now Korea is facing tort claims and truth investigation demands by international adoptees of Korean origin while many adoptees are still facing difficulties in their birth family search. We will look into recent developments both national and international in the field of international adoption and human rights and explore ways lawyers can contribute to protection of the rights of adoptees.
Pillkyu HWANG
Patricia GOEDDE
Sungkyunkwan Law School
Peter MØLLERDanish Korean Rights Group Danish Korean Rights Group Truth and Reconcilliation Commission
Boon Young HANDanish Korean Rights Group An investigation of Human Rights Conditionsamong South Korean Intercountry Adoptees
Minkyeong JEONOnyul Current legislation (revised legislation) and related issuesregarding adoptees' rights to request adoption disclosure
Pillkyu HWANGGongGam Justice for Adoptees: Adam Crapser Case
Europe Session
(Saturday 09:30-11:00)Room 3 (20209)

The Korean legal system from a European perspective

▌ Legal professionals working in European Embassies, corporations or law firms will be joining a Roundtable where they will be invited to provide their views on the Korean legal system from European legal practitioner’s perspective. They will also share their experience derived from some cases they have been dealing with.
Philippe LI
Kim & Chang
Philippe LI
Kim & Chang
Adeline-Lise KHOVAmbassade de France en Corée France Means Business, Choose France!
Karin SCHMIDAnma Offshore Wind Korean Contractual and Legal Aspects from an European Perspective
Dajin LIETaylor Wessing The Korean legal system from a German perspective
Laurie-Anne GRELIERCovington & Burling Perspectives on the Korean Legal System
(Saturday 11:30-13:00)Room 1 (20206)

AI’s impact on the practice of law

▌ This panel will look the impact of AI on the practice of law. The panelists, from both in-house legal departments and law firms, will offer their perspectives on how AI has affected their practice, the legal issues they are managing, and where they think we will be headed.
Hana Loop
Hana Loop
Chan SUNGNike Korea Law and Generative Open AI – Not ready for Prime Time?
Dahee KIMSamsung Electronics Data Protection and AI
Abigale D. KWONKCL Artificial Intelligence and Ethics PrincipleEthical and Thoughtful use of AI in the Law Practice
Wookjae JINDongin Law Regulation for AI
(Saturday 11:30-13:00)Room 2 (20207)

Managing various transitions in the legal profession

▌ Going from a junior level lawyer to a manager of a team, rising from there to an executive, job changes within legal and in and out of practicing law, experiencing personal changes while juggling a demanding career, we all experience and cope with quite significant and sometimes not so easy transitions over the course of the career. This session will consist of panelists who have experienced / are experiencing some type of transitions of their own with the aim to help the audience to gain insights to apply to their career and personal life.
Eileen KIM
Eileen KIM
Solaredge No materials for this Session
Ji Young LIMModern Guru
Christina HWANGHanmi Bank
Irene KIMYoon & Yang
Moonkyun CHOMinistry of Economy and Finance
Japan Session
(Saturday 11:30-13:00) Room 3 (20209)

Uniqueness of cross-border transactions between Korea and Japan

▌The Japanese legal system, coming from Continental Law, is broadly similar to the Korean; however, practically, legal documentations for cross-border transactions tend to be in the manner of Common Law. This session will seek the best way to manage cross-border transactions between Korea and Japan, and will also give ideas to lawyers on how to fill the gap between Common Law and Continental Law in transactions.
Masayuki AOYAMA
Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
Cholmin KIM
City-Yuwa Partners
Masayuki AOYAMAMori Hamada & Matsumoto 한일 기업 법무에 대한 영미법의 영향 및 그 한계
Youngseop SONGAtsumi & Sakai 한일 M&A 거래 종결 관련 실무
Min Young PARKLee & Ko 한일 크로스보더 M&A거래의 동향 및 특성
Choon Jae WEEYulchon 한일 M&A 거래 실무
Singapore Session
(Saturday 11:30-13:00) Room 4 (20201)

Singapore as the investment hub for Southeast Asia and India

▌ Singapore’s favorable corporate law, low taxation, high quality of infrastructure and established free flow of capital have made it a great destination for investments and business ventures. More notably in the past decade, Singapore emerged as the most preferred investment hub for Southeast Asia and India. In this session, we will hear from the leading practitioners in Singapore (1) the reasons why Singapore has become the investment hub for Southeast Asia and India; (2) the benefits and challenges for investors in investing in Southeast Asia and India; (3) practical tips to help investors and other practitioners explore the best strategy in investing in Southeast Asia and India through Singapore; and (4) how to avoid roadblocks and navigate disputes in Southeast Asia and India.
Mijung KIM
Miji KIM
Macquarie Asset Management
Jennifer CHIATSMP Law Singapore as the Investment hub for South-East Asia and India
Bryan SHINShin & Kim Considering Singapore as Stepping Stone to Vietnam and Indonesia
Seokchun YUNPeter & Kim Singapore as a Regional Hub for International Arbitration & Mediation
Employment (Labor)
(Saturday 14:00-15:30) Room 1 (20206)

Internal Investigation

▌Internal investigations are often required by law. For example, Korea has laws that require employers to investigate allegations of sexual harassment and non-sexual workplace harassment. In addition, many organizations have their own policies that require internal investigations into certain types of misconduct. In this session, our expert presenters will discuss what internal investigations are, why they are important, especially in a cross-border context, as well as best practices for conducting internal investigations.
Soojung LEE
Tae Kyung SUNG
Philips Korea
Seungsoo KimBae, Kim & Lee Credibility assessment of victim’s accusationsin harassment cases
Sery LEEShin & Kim Legal Issues on Harassment Investigations in Korea
Marcus LEEDaugherty Lordan Workplace Investigations
Berko LEMKEPLC Rechtsanwaelte Options and Limits to investigate harassment - Germany
Jong-Ha CHOIHwallaw Internal Investigations - Potential Issues & Disputes
Corporate Counsel /
(Saturday 14:00-15:30) Room 2 (20207)

Which grass is greener? Inhouse v. Law firm

▌The panel will casually discuss and dissect some of the key factors and myths that may impact our decision to transition from inhouse to law firm and vice versa. Specifically, the panelists will engage in dialogues on the current trend v. traditional models, Korea v. other advanced economies, the numbers and industry standards, pros and cons in terms of growth and culture, expectation v. reality, and finally, what each side wants from the other when working.
Moses SYE
Ocean Winds Korea
Moses SYE
Ocean Winds Korea Which Grass Is Greener?
Yewon HANBinance
Liz (Kyo-Hwa) CHUNGNetflix
Christina J. PARKDentons Lee
Kwang-Wook CHOICitibank Korea
David WATERSKim & Chang
White Collar Crime /
(Saturday 14:00-15:30) Room 3 (20209)

Multiateral Development Banks Enforcement: Issues and procedures

▌The World Bank Group and its affiliated multilateral development banks finance development projects all over the world. As part of their mandate, these banks have departments that investigate allegations of sanctionable practices (e.g. corruption, fraud, and collusion). This session will address what you need to know about these investigations, how to prepare for them and also how to respond to them when you are under investigation.
Tak Kyun HONG
Shin & Kim
Daniel S. LEE
Kobre & Kim
Byung Chang LEEDR & AJU Comparison of Multilateral Development Banks Sanction and Unfair Business Operator Sanctions
Kunduk KOHKim Chang Lee Monitorship Perspective
Daniel P. CHUNGGibson Dunn World Bank Enforcement Trends
Heeseong LIMYoon & Yang Countermeasures against WB Sanctions in Korea
China Session
(Saturday 14:00-15:30) room 4 (20201)

China’s A.I. and Data Regulation in the Era of 4th Industrial Revolution

▌COVID-19 pandemic and a new Cold War raise barriers between countries. This paradigm shift have alienated China’s legal system from our interests. However, the key technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, e.g. A.I. and Data, have once again made our lives move faster, easier, and be more connected in cyberspace beyond the barrier. This session explores trend and implication of China’s A.I. and data regulation sooner or later we will have to face.
Young Jin JUNG

Inha Law School
Jonggu JEONG
Changhua JINJoius Research on Type, Legal Risks and Compliance Advice on Metaverse Digital Assets
Sang-Woo LEEInha University AI Data Law Center China’s Cyber Security in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
Deok Jung SONJipyong PRC Personal Information Protection LawCross-border transfer of Personal Information