2023 IAKL Annual Conference

Warning : Participation in the gala dinner event is currently not Available.
Instead, those who register from now on can register for the general meeting at a more discounted price.

Private Practice

Early Bird Rate (On or before August 15, 2023) Advance Registration Rate August 16, 2023 through September 14, 2023)

In-house Counsel

KRW 350,000 ($ 350)

Judge, Prosecutor, Professor, Government Official, Public Defender, and Non-Profit Attorney

KRW 350,000 ($ 350)

Law Students (Working Sessions and Mentorship Events Only)

KRW 100,000 ($ 100)

Option : Tour Event

Registration Type

If you would like to participate in the mentoring program either as a mentor or mentee (law student or lawyer with less than 3 years of experience), please sign up here. Mentoring Session will take place from 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm on Saturday, August 16, 2023 and will be conducted in Korean language. The Session will consist of Plenary Session for 1 hour where practitioners from various practice areas will share their experiences with the audience, followed by 30 minute small group meetings.


Social events are complementary.* RSVP is required at the registration. To RSVP, please check the boxes above. Each participant may bring up to two guests to the Gala Dinner for additional charge.
* Law student rates include working sessions and mentorship events only. Among the social events, students may register for the Safari Dinner for additional charge (KRW 50,000). If you are interested, please register and pay with credit card at the on-site registration desk on September 15th
* Tours may be cancelled if a minimum number of participants is not reached.
* For the tours and attraction, RSVP is required. To RSVP, please check the boxes above.
* Payment for these events will not be included at checkout. For the Korean Ricewine (Makgeolli) Class only, please email secretary@iakl.net for assistance with payment which is required to be made prior to the class. No cancellation or refund. For the other events, please pay at on-site registration.
ℹ️ Traditional Tea-makase
Participants will enjoy various types of tea and traditional sweets while listening to fascinating stories about tea.
ℹ️ Bojagi (Korean Traditional Wrapping Cloth) Class
Participants will make two bags by tying knots and wrap a box with beautiful bojagi at a hanok café. * You can RSVP for both Tea-makase and Bojagi classes as there is no scheduling conflict and they will take place at nearby locations.
ℹ️ Secret Garden in Changdeok Palace
Guided tour of the royal secret garden at one of the treasured palaces of the Joseon dynasty of Korea. (For further information, see cdg.go.kr/eng/)
ℹ️ Korean Ricewine (Makgeolli) Class
Learn how to make Korean lotus leaf makgeolli and traditional snacks. Lotus leaf makgeolli is easy to ferment and has a sweet and soft flavor. The leaves are used in oriental medicine to purify the blood and to quench the thirst.

Walking and Trekking Holiday

Inwang Mountain Trail will bring you from Inwang Mountain, a place of calm, to Seochon. The looped walk is suitable for all types of walkers and famous for its beautiful scenery.

WHENOctober 2 (SAT) 9:00AM
WHEREExit 5 of Dongnimmun Station

Activities: Muakjae Skywalk – Moja Stone – Beom Stone – Mae Stone –  Inwang Mountain* – Yoga in Park Inwangsanro* –Lunch and beer in Joengdong*

*  These events may be cancelled to comply with social distancing policy